4 Easy Ways to Have Your Sales Floor Sell

Merchandise will sell itself when it looks good, but when it doesn’t, even the best product can sit on your shelves gathering dust! You need an environment that attracts customers, entices them to spend time in the store, and encourages them to purchase impulsively while they are there. Here is a list of 4 things … Continue reading 4 Easy Ways to Have Your Sales Floor Sell

Loss Prevention: A Comprehensive Guide for Retailers

Loss prevention is a very real challenge for retailers. Shrinkage is a problem that costs retailers billions of dollars every year. Yet businesses are using tools and technologies to prevent shrink less and less. If you consider the loss associated with shrink, it’s often two-fold: Not only are you losing the capital that you invested … Continue reading Loss Prevention: A Comprehensive Guide for Retailers

Store Operations Checklist

To assist multi-unit retailers starting or improving their retail audit program, Compliant IA regularly publishes how-to guides, best practices, and checklists. Use this sample checklist to create or update store standards or operations programs across your retail locations. First impressions On a scale of one to ten; how presentable is the store? Are carts or baskets … Continue reading Store Operations Checklist

KPI Checklist for Retail Stores

Key Performance Indicators are performance measurements that help you know if your retail business is reaching its goals and operating optimally. KPIs help you measure, detect and respond to dips in sales and margins and other strategic facets of your retail business. Below, some sample Key Performance Indicators for retail stores. Monthly Sales What are … Continue reading KPI Checklist for Retail Stores

5 POS Strategies That Increase Sales

As a retailer, you know that your point-of-sale (POS) system is more than just a tool to process transactions but rather an asset to help your business improve both profit and operations by leaps and bounds. With so many POS options available, it’s easier than ever before for merchants to have access to even more … Continue reading 5 POS Strategies That Increase Sales

5 Retail Merchandising Mistakes that are Killing your Sales

Everything that customers perceive when they walk into your store falls under the category of retail merchandising –– from the curb appeal of your window display to customers’ experience with your POS system at checkout. By merchandising products in the right way, you can keep traffic moving throughout your store, maximize inventory visibility, and turn … Continue reading 5 Retail Merchandising Mistakes that are Killing your Sales

Food Safety Checklist

Conducting food safety checks not only keeps you compliant and protects the brand from claims, lawsuits, and other headaches but also encourages staff to act appropriately. “The audit process itself becomes a driver for people to not only comply, but to actually have the right behaviors and be able to work safely and respond to things … Continue reading Food Safety Checklist

4 Ways to Improve Your Store Experience

Customer Experience continues to be one of the most talked about retail trends in 2019. Customer Experience expert Blake Morgan, who has been covering the topic since 2014, wrote in Forbes: "The phrase customer experience gets a lot more play than it did in the business world in the past when people would simply throw it around … Continue reading 4 Ways to Improve Your Store Experience

Cannabis Retail in 2019: Interesting Facts and Emerging Trends

2019 is abuzz with the momentum of companies jumping to create a niche for themselves in the emerging market.  As cannabis becomes more widely accepted thanks to legalization in Canada, and some additional US States, the market will continue to boom with new products. Here is a list of 2019 cannabis trends to watch out … Continue reading Cannabis Retail in 2019: Interesting Facts and Emerging Trends

Checklist for Multi-Unit Thrift Stores

Whether you are a thrift store, consignment store or vintage retailer, you have a wide range of duties across several departments. From receiving and approving donations, sorting, pricing and finally merchandising items, the use of a smart checklist will improve the performance of your store...and your bottom line. Use this sample checklist as a guide … Continue reading Checklist for Multi-Unit Thrift Stores