Why Compliantia is a Service and Why That Matters

We often tell our customers we don’t sell software.   And in fact we don’t.  We sell, or rather we lease, a service.  Compliantia is a hosted and fully managed web-based service like salesforce.com or Google Apps.  This new computing paradigm is aptly named “Software As a Service” (SaaS) and is rapidly gaining ground in the enterprise.  But what exactly are the benefits of using a service?

Managed service.

With Compliantia, there is no server to procure and maintain,  no software to download, no patches.  The software is web-based, entirely managed by us (on a worldwide secure computing cloud infrastructure) and always up to date.   This creates significant savings for strained IT departments.  It also allows us to cut our time to market from weeks and months to just days.

No expensive software license to purchase, install and maintain.

Commercial grade software is, as a general rule, very expensive to procure and maintain.  Customers are expected to pay for a software license ($100,000 or more),  consulting cycles for integration ($1,500 per diem for weeks/months of consulting work) and again for a maintenance contract ($50,000 a year or more) for the life of the product.  A service is billed differently.  No upfront costs, no software license.  A nominal fee for integration (typically a fraction of a software project’s cost of integration) and a monthly, “all in” service charge.

Run a free pilot. Try before you buy.

Billing our offering as a service allows our customers to effectively “try before they buy”, and do this for a nominal cost.  This is again a departure from the software norm.  A typical software vendor needs to convince you his/her software is going to transform your operations, has enormous ROI and negligible costs.  Vendors do this because they expect you to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars “upfront”.  We don’t. In fact, we encourage customers to run pilots, get comfortable with the product on a small set of stores, configure it to their needs and determine ROI on their accord.    This means our service needs to impress and demonstrate value in actual usage, not just in the boardroom.  Demo-ware be gone, try before you buy.

Focus on what you do best: running your business

In summary, Compliantia’s service model is low-risk and low cost and allows our customers to focus on what they do best: running their business.

Compliantia is web and mobile software as a service for retail compliance and performance including retail audits and task management.

One thought on “Why Compliantia is a Service and Why That Matters

  1. Nice summary of the benefits of SaaS like Compliantia or ShelfSnap. 2 amplifications.
    1. For activities that the client is not yet engaged in, such as measuring in-store compliance to the plan, SaaS approach yields expertise that is not resident in the client organization.
    2. Ongoing the SaaS provider is exposed to more good, and not-so-good ideas/implementations that become part of the collective knowledge which benefits all clients.

    Nice writeup!

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