Customer Complaints are your Friends. How do you Treat your Friends?

It’s true. Customer complaints are your friends.

According to research, only 4% of customers file a complaint on a company’s website or call center, but 42% of customers will stop shopping with a brand after two bad experiences. For every complaint, you should assume 25 customers have been inconvenienced! A friend is someone who tells you when something is wrong. A customer complaint is that friend.

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A complaint is not a problem. A complaint is an opportunity to improve, to better train your staff, to audit your products and processes, to better service your customers. A friend is somebody who helps you. A complaint is that friend.

A complaint is often the first signal of an underlying problem. Retail organizations rarely lose customers over complaints. They lose customers when complaints are not handled well. Handing a customer’s complaint actually boosts customer loyalty.

That customer is likely to share their satisfaction with their friends and co-workers. Handled well, a complaint transforms into enhanced loyalty and free “viral” advertising. Handled poorly, a complaint morphs into loss of loyalty, loss of revenue and a public relations mess. A friend is somebody who wants you to stay out of trouble. A complaint is that friend.

A complaint is part of a 360 degree view of store performance. District manager visits/inspections and score on the one hand, customer complaints on the other. A friend is somebody who is part of your whole life and its many facets. A complaint is that friend.

You see, complaints are our friends. We want to treat them well, and handle them promptly and respectfully, for their sake and ours.

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