Who Benefits from Retail Audits?

On this blog, we often argue that retail audits drive sales, increase customer satisfaction and mitigate risks in multi-unit retail.  But how exactly will retail audits benefit you?  Here are some of the benefits you might expect from retail audits, grouped by role.

Head Office

  • Lower total cost of ownership than Excel™ and paper-based visits.  Home-grown solutions are often lacking and needlessly expensive.
  • Increase same-store sales 1%
  • Increase in-store merchandising ROI.  Don’t spend more on merchandising, ensure the seasonal and merchandising programs you already pay for are executed consistently, every time, everywhere.
  • Protect the health & safety of your customers and employees. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
  • Increase customer satisfaction.  Customers have a way of thanking stores that are well run: they come back!

Regional Vice-Presidents and Directors

  • Track and measure in-store execution…in real time!
  • Track the performance of programs, regions, stores and individuals
  • Complete oversight and collaborative workflow involving the district manager and franchisee.  Reduce communication overheads and costly back-and-forth.  It just works.
  • Real-time web and mobile-based task management.  Get it done and see it through completion!

District and Regional Managers

  • Simplified, time-saving data-entry on any device (smart phone, laptop and tablet)
  • Around-the-clock access to historical performance data, at any of your stores, anywhere, on any device.  View repeat unacceptables,  trends and store-to-district comparisons.
  • Utilize performance data to inform, engage and advise franchisees on driving their business and the brand forward
  • No more paper, reduced emails, fewer follow-up phone calls! Free up your time to do what you do best: help the stores!

Franchisees and Managers

  • Around-the-clock access to historical performance data anywhere, on any device
  • Easy-to-use reports showing historical best and worst performing areas, trends and notes from all prior visits


  • Consistent execution of service, merchandising and health & safety standards improve the customer experience, reduce customer complaints and improve same-store sales.
  • Customers have a way of thanking stores that are well run…they come back!

Retail audits have sizable, measurable benefits inside and outside of the organization.  They help drive in-store execution, protect the brand and have strong return on investment.

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