Connecting Retail Operations Professionals

The social media landscape is a powerful enabler for personal and professional advancement. It is however heavily fragmented. There are many networks and platforms to choose from. There is also a fair bit of “noise” in online communities: over-the-top self-promotion, irrelevant content and spam.  Where can a retail professional network with peers and find relevant, industry-specific socially-sourced online content?

As a service to the retail industry, Compliantia created and moderates two LinkedIn groups, specifically aimed at retail professionals.

We take our membership very seriously and vet all requests to ensure every member is a retail operations professional. Our focus is on quality, not quantity. We look for respected and experienced thought-leaders in the retail marketplace. Spammers need not apply.

We take content very seriously. Feel free to ask questions and help others with their questions. Commercial content is allowed provided it is relevant to a retail operations audience and lends itself to group discussions. Spam and personal attacks are not allowed and result in the immediate removal from the group.

Retail Audits and Store Walks: This group is about retail operations professionals helping one another. It’s about compliance with operations and merchandising standards. It’s about health and safety, loss prevention and driving retail performance, sales and customer satisfaction in a multi-unit retail environment.

       District Managers & Retail Operations : This group is about retail operations professionals helping one another. We work with District Managers every day and understand the breadth and depth of skills needed. A district manager is a financial advisor, a coach, a consultant, a trainer and at times a disciplinarian. A district manager needs to communicate, educate, inspire, assist, verify and enforce. A district manager is the liaison between the stores and head office, the voice of head office at the stores and the voice of the stores at head office. It is a pivotal role, the backbone of the operations apparatus. This group is about district managers and what district managers do.

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