8 Facts You May not Know About Compliantia


1. It is pronounced comply-ant-sha.

“Compliant” because the service is designed to track (and remedy) in-store compliance with service, merchandising and loss prevention standards. “ia” stands for “information architecture” because the service excels at slicing, dicing, aggregating and exporting store data.

2. We are one of the top organic (non-paid) search result for retail audit software.

We employ no gimmicks and seek no shortcuts.  We simply blog about a topic we are passionate about and moderate two professional groups on LinkedIn with tens of thousands of members.

3. We are growing mostly through word-of-mouth and customer recommendations.

We have grown to service dozens of retailers and tens of thousands of stores with word-of-mouth and customer recommendations alone. Build a great product, service customers, and sales will follow.

4. We are not a “startup” (and never were one).

We are privately held and privately financed. We are profitable, have no outside investors and no debt.  Our parent company developed Compliantia by investing profits from its software consulting practice.  Compliantia has been so successful, the consulting practice was discontinued years ago to focus on the product alone.

5. We are constantly tweaking the software based on customer feedback.

We believe in continuous improvement and have deployed hundreds of releases over the years. Every release is backward compatible and a gentle evolution.

6. We do not own the data, our customers do.

Customers grant us a license to their data for the sole and exclusive purpose of providing the service to them. It’s your data, you can import, export and purge it at any time.

7. We work on any device, anytime, anywhere.

We are a device-agnostic, connection-agnostic (work online and offline), multi-country, multi-language, multi time-zone system used in 21 countries and 3 languages. You can connect to Compliantia from any device, anytime, anywhere.

8. We are slightly obsessed!

Every screen, every prompt, every function is carefully and purposefully designed, field-tested and ongoingly reviewed to be clear, intuitive and cohesive with the rest of the system. If a user can use our software without being trained, in poor lighting condition, on a small device while standing up…we have done our job.  It’s a never-ending task and we tend to obsess over it…in a good way.

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