“Old School” Retail Sayings

Out with the old, in the new?  Not so fast!  “Old school” sayings often convey a tried-and-true wisdom that holds true now, as it did then.  Besides, as retail professionals, we tend to use them to reinforce the core and timeless values of our industry.  Recently, David Johnson, a member of our moderated group on LinkedIn District Managers and Retail Operations, asked members to share their favourite “old school” retail sayings.  Below, a compilation of some of the best entries, all contributed by our group’s membership.

Inspect what you expect – Phil Doucette

Hope is not a management strategy – Robert Steven Schumann

Sales cure all evils – Kimberely Betts

A happy customer tells their friends but an unhappy one tells everyone – Cat Montgomery

Retail is Detail – Michael Morrison

A business with no signs is a sign of no business – Neil Warwicker

When in doubt throw it out! – Bill Quade

You can’t sell from an empty wagon – Michelle Tognarina

Trust but verify – Louis Tenney

Eye appeal is buy appeal – Bodie Riddle

The customer may not always be right, but they are always the customer – Stacey Scheirer

Do you have an old school retail saying you would like to contribute?  Use the comments below or respond on the LinkedIn group.

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