Fire Protection Checklist

While individual situations vary, the following sample checklist details specific issues that may be included in an inspection checklist for fire protection.

Methodology: This checklist was compiled from publicly available sources and moderated using industry research. Part of this checklist comes from the government of the state of Oregon and is included here in case the information is moved or removed from the website.

Notes to Compliantia users:

  1. Checklists can easily be imported into your Compliantia account using the Excel™ upload method.  You may also add a point value, photos and attachments to each item.
  2. Items that are not applicable can be marked “n/a” during the visit.  If so, they will not be counted towards the final score.

Fire Protection Plan

  1. If your workplace has 11 or more employees, does it have a written fire-prevention plan?
  2. Does the plan describe the types of fire protection equipment and systems that are available?
  3. Have you established practices and procedures to control potential fire hazards and ignition sources?
  4. Are employees aware of the fire hazards of the materials and processes to which they are exposed?
  5. Is the fire alarm system tested at least annually?
  6. If employees are expected to use fire extinguishers and fire protection procedures, are they trained?
  7. If employees are not trained to use fire extinguishers, are they trained to immediately evacuate the building in a fire emergency?
  8. Is the latest annual fire inspection certificate readily available?
    Are all fire alarm and voice communication systems in good working order?


Sprinkler System and Fire Extinguishers

  1. Do metal guards protect sprinkler heads where they could be physically damaged?
  2. Is proper clearance maintained below sprinkler heads?
  3. Is heat adequate to prevent freezing pipes? (40oF/4oC minimum)
  4. Does every sprinkler have a head connected?
  5. Are portable fire extinguishers provided in adequate numbers and types?
  6. Are fire extinguishers mounted in readily accessible locations?
  7. Are fire extinguishers recharged regularly, with dates noted on the inspection tags?
  8. Is access to hose reel systems un-obstructed?

Fire Doors and Evacuation Routes

  1. Do all fire doors close properly?
  2. Are all fire doors and exits un-obstructed?
  3.  Are emergency exit doors equipped with panic hardware?
  4. Are all exit signs un-obstructed and clearly visible?
  5. Are all exits signs illuminated and un-damaged?
  6. Are all emergency exits as per the evacuation plan, un-obstructed?
  7. Are all hallways as per the evacuation plan, un-obstructed?
  8. Are all stairwells as per the evacuation plan, un-obstructed?
  9. Is emergency lighting in place throughout emergency exit routes?


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