Merchandising Checklist

Sharing best practices with store execution, store data collection and merchandising audits is the primary purpose of the Compliantia blog. To this end, we have covered the following:

  1. How to build a store merchandising checklist
  2. The purpose, scope and methods of merchandising audits
  3. Conduct a merchandising audit in 10 steps
  4. Case Study: How a CPG used Field Software to Implement a Merchandising Conversion at 3,200 Restaurants

Below is a merchandising checklist for retailers, consumer packaged goods companies, wholesalers and distributors.

Notes to Compliantia users:

  1. Checklists can easily be imported into your Compliantia account using the Excel™ upload method. You may also add a point value, photos and attachments (e.g. planograms) to each item.
  2. Items that are not applicable can be marked “n/a” during the visit. If so, they will not be counted towards the final score.

Store exterior

  1. Signage is clearly visible to passing pedestrian/car traffic.
  2. Signage is current and in good repair.
  3. Signage complies with contractual requirements.
  4. External building is clean, well lit and well presented.

Store layout

  1. Aisles are clearly defined and free of clutter.
  2. Product is well lit.
  3. Product is clearly accessible.
  4. Product and category signage is used and in good condition.
  5. Wall displays are utilised effectively.
  6. Quantity and types of gondolas/displays fit the store space.
  7. Impulse hot spots are used strategically (counter, front entrance) for high-margin impulse SKUs.
  8. Layout and positioning are compliant with contractual agreement.
  9. Fixtures, gondolas, floors, walls, windows and surfaces are clean and well maintained.



  1. Shelves are stocked.
  2. No product holes.
  3. Correct planogram used for the location and category.
  4. Number of “facings” is appropriate to allow optimum number of different SKUs.
  5. Product has been “fronted” correctly.
  6. All products are priced correctly.
  7. Signage and shelf wobblers are used effectively and consistently with contractual agreement.


In-store promotions

  1. In-store promotions are current and consistent with contractual agreement.
  2. All displays in “like new” condition.
  3. Bulk floor displays are positioned correctly and are safe (no tripping hazard).
  4. Stand-alone displays are maintained and stocked daily.
  5. Specials “bins” and displays are clearly signed, pricing posted and positioned in hot spot zones.


  1. Staff look professional and are easily identified.
  2. Staff received adequate product training.
  3. Staff received adequate customer service and selling skills.
  4. Staff have been assigned housekeeping responsibilities.
  5. Staff demonstrate product knowledge when asked.

The Definitive Guide to Retail Audits

This comprehensive guide to retail audits is for multi-unit retailers in industries like restaurants, convenience stores, pharmacies, spas and clinics, telecommunications, and alcohol retailers. This guide also helps parking operators and manufacturers or distributors of consumer packaged goods.

If you need to collect or validate data in stores, this definitive guide to retail audits is for you!
Compliantia - Audit Guide-02




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