Choosing Retail Growth

In business, as in life, we tend to seek and celebrate growth. The stories are varied but have a common theme. “We are scaling this business”. “We are expanding out west”. “We are opening 20 new stores”. Growth tends to be how retailers, analysts and shareholders judge performance and gauge the value of the business.

Growth is hard, sometimes risky, often costly

Yet growth is anything but easy. Growth is hard, sometimes risky, often costly. It stresses your processes, tools and teams. To successfully grow from 100 to 500 stores, 500 to 1,000 or 1,000 to 3,000 stores, growth-focused retailers must rethink…and retool.

Retailers who do not retool end up stagnating, or worse, collapsing. Momentum grows companies; it can also send them on a tail spin and destroy them. Retailers who do commit to rethinking and retooling, end up breaking the glass ceiling, this artificial barrier that has been holding them back.  These retailers become national and international retail concepts.

With the cloud, growth is now a matter of resolve

Thankfully, cloud technologies have evened out the odds in the retail execution space. Putting the right processes in place is not for those retailers that can afford it but for those willing to make it happen. It is not a matter of affordability, it is a matter of resolve, of commitment to in-store execution.

So the 100-store retailer can operate like a 500-store retailer, efficiently and cost-effectively.  The 500-store retailer can operate like a 1,000 store chain, control quality, rise above the paperwork and focus on what really matters like seasonal program execution, merchandising and in-store experience. The 1,000-store retailer can plan for the future, leverage automation to control quality and minimize risks, at scale.

The cloud, mobility and retail audit software help retailers and consumer packaged goods companies grow. These technologies cut costs and support strategic growth initiatives like merchandising promotions, in-store communication and operations.

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