Lottery Retailer Checklist

To assist multi-unit retailers starting or improving their retail audit program, Compliant IA regularly publishes how-to guides, best practices and checklists. Use this sample Lottery retailer Checklist to create or update programs across your locations.

Many gas stations, convenience stores, grocery stores, shopping mall kiosks and drug stores sell lottery products. However, selling lottery tickets and games carries certain legal and societal responsibilities.

A lottery retailer checklist ensures that lottery tickets and games are merchandised and sold consistently with the lottery corporation’s standards and regulations. Regular visits and audits by the lottery corporation help lottery retailers drive sales and operate within legal and community standards.

Below, a list of criteria for auditing lottery retailers.

Retailer Requirements

  1. Lottery retailer is registered and the contract is up-to-date.
  2. Retailer’s lottery license is clearly displayed.
  3. Retailer’s lottery sales meet contractual profitability targets (if applicable).
  4. Retailer complies with the rules of the lottery corporation and does not sell lottery tickets to:
    • Minors
    • Intoxicated individuals
    • Lottery employees who service lottery gaming equipment
    • Lottery corporation employees and board members
  5. Retailer ensures that all staff adheres to lottery regulations for selling, validating, redeeming, and canceling lottery tickets.
  6. Staff is trained in ID screening.
  7. Staff is trained on lottery equipment including terminals, dispensers, and kiosks.
  8. Retailer immediately reports out-of-order lottery equipment.

External Signage

  1. Lottery a-boards, banners, and promotional signage are clearly visible to passing pedestrians and vehicles.
  2. Illuminated jackpot/promotional signage is in good repair with no burnt-out lights, chips, or scratches.
  3. Legally required door and window displays are present and visible to persons entering the store.

Internal Promotional Signage

  1. Lottery play stations are clearly marked.
  2. Jackpot digital signage, if applicable, has access to store’s wireless network so that jackpot can be updated in real time.
  3. Wobblers are current and in good repair (no tearing, creases).
  4. Lottery floor mats are regularly cleaned and there are no stains or fraying.
  5. Lottery floor decals are in good repair (no fading and peeling).


  1. POS is merchandised according to lottery planogram.
  2. Draw times are posted.
  3. “Lucky Retailer” notice for large winning tickets is clearly displayed (if applicable).

Scratch Cards

  1. New promotional scratch cards are activated on time.
  2. Scratch card facings comply with lottery planogram.
  3. Dispensers are free from dust, scratches, chips.
  4. Scratch cards are well-stocked.
  5. Scratch card sales and stock are reconciled.
  6. Unsold scratch cards are returned by the lottery’s stated deadline.

Play Stations and Kiosks

  1. Retailer ensures that pathways to lottery play stations and kiosks are free from debris and obstructions.
  2. Staff have a clear line of sight to lottery play stations and kiosks to prevent use by minors and other prohibited individuals.
  3. Illuminated signs, snap frames, headers, and shelves are in good repair.
  4. Online play stations are working properly.
  5. Digital signage is in good working order with up-to-date promotions.
  6. Literature holders are well stocked.
  7. Scratchers and pencils are available.
  8. Trash receptacle is present and not overflowing.


  1. Staff is aware of current lottery promotions and jackpot totals.
  2. Staff understands how each lottery game is played.
  3. Regular lottery customers are personally greeted.
  4. Customers with winning tickets are asked if they would like to purchase another ticket with their winnings.

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  1. I didn’t know that there was a lot that went into lottery maintenance at convenience stores. Using a software system to make the check list more compact would certainly be helpful; especially with ID screening. Not to mention using a software program could also help in preventing lottery theft.

  2. My local Tesco in abertillery South Wales frequently monitor the sales of scratch cards and constantly call there Coworkers over to purchase cards of the same type that are sold as if they know which ones win next. Surely this can’t be legal because many of the customers scratch the cards at the counter I’ve even witnessed them putting the following cards on a reel under the counter until the coworkers are able to get to the front of the que

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