Pharmacy Inspection Checklist

To assist multi-unit retailers starting or improving their retail audit program, Compliant IA regularly publishes how-to guides, best practices and checklists.

Use this sample checklist to create or update your inspection program across your pharmacies.

A checklist will help ensure that a pharmacy location has the right systems in place to comply with regulations as well as health and safety standards. Combined with the Pharmacy Inspection Checklist with the Merchandising Checklist and Loss Prevention Checklist to create a thorough pharmacy retail audit program.

Some of the information below comes from the office of the professional of New York State and is included here in case the information is moved or removed from their website.


  1. Registered area not less than 300 square feet
  2. Compounding area not less than 100 square feet
  3. Compounding area has both hot and cold running water
  4. Compounding area is clean and free from clutter
  5. Registered name of the owner on the exterior of premises
  6. Heat and air conditioning available and working
  7. Adequate lighting
  8. Exterior sign indicates that there is a pharmacy department within
  9. Hours of operation for the pharmacy department are posted


  1. The patient waiting area is clean with adequate seating
  2. Patient consultation area is clean and offers adequate privacy
  3. Literature dispensers in the patient area are neat, stocked, and free from non-relevant materials
  4. All patient paperwork/data is securely stored
  5. Pharmacy adheres to legal patient confidentiality requirements
  6. Prescriptions are verified and dispensed according to regulatory standards
  7. Every patient is offered a medication consultation
  8. Limited English Proficiency Sign present “Point to your language. Language assistance will be provided at no cost to you.”

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  1. Solid doors with magnetic door contacts
  2. Presence of a working alarmed security system that provides an auxiliary source of power and signals (flashing lights, audible alarms, and silent alarms)
  3. All employees have a unique alarm code
  4. All doors/windows in the pharmacy area are reinforced
  5. Working security cameras at the entrance to the pharmacy and at the pharmacy area
  6. The pharmacy department is separately alarmed and secured from the rest of the establishment
  7. Sensors for motion /breaking glass and/or vibration in the pharmacy


  1. Weighing devise sensitive to 6mg
  2. Metric weights (if needed)
  3. Devices capable of measuring volumes from 0.1 ml to 500ml
  4. Mortar and pestle
  5. Refrigerator for drug storage
  6. Thermometer in refrigerator (temperature between 2-8°C; 36-46°F)
  7. Secured area for narcotics
  8. Disposal equipment and designated area for medication and sharps


  1. Copies of or access to laws, rules and regulations governing the practice of pharmacy in that state/region.
  2. Reference resources necessary to carry on the practice of pharmacy


  1. Background checks for all pharmacy employees are completed before the employee’s first shift
  2. Pharmacy employees’ education/certificates are up-to-date and displayed when necessary
  3. Pharmacy employees adhere to dress code

Additional Items

  1. Sample prescription label showing FULL Corporate name and address
  2. License and registration of the supervising pharmacist
  3. “Drug Retail Price List Available Upon Request” Sign
  4. Medication is regularly rotated and expiry dates checked

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