Loss Prevention Checklist for Parking Operators

To assist multi-unit retailers starting or improving their retail audit program, Compliant IA regularly publishes how-to guides, best practices and checklists.

Use this sample checklist to create or update your loss prevention program across your parking lots.

Loss prevention is a set of policies and procedures designed to minimize theft, fraud, vandalism and waste.


  1. Record date of the last LP Audit
  2. Location has a key control log for all business keys
  3. Keys display “do not duplicate” message
  4. Location changes locks when a key is lost or stolen
  5. Location has a functioning alarm system
  6. Each associate has their own alarm code
  7. Location does not allow non-employees into office outside of operating hours (posted hours)
  8. All non-employees sign in and out of the office
  9. Only employees are allowed in offices or payment booths
  10. Location changes passcodes every six months
  11. No security cameras are offline or down
  12. Access control systems are working
  13. Access control systems include Anti-Passback or Passback Control
  14. Counting system sensors/cameras are in working order
  15. Warning and not-at-fault signage is in place

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POS and safe

  1. Record amount in the cash float
  2. Register (POS) keys are kept in a sealed and secured location
  3. Employees have an individual ID/passcode to the POS
  4. Each employee has their own safe code
  5. Location looks at monthly POS activity by individual employee
  6. Location conducts monthly inventory counts for tickets and permits
  7. There a camera covering every POS station
  8. Associates follow deposit protocols for POS, payment machines, and bank deposits

Payment Machines

  1. Automated payment areas are designated and well lit
  2. Automated pay stations are secured with a camera covering each station
  3. Coin shutters are in place
  4. Employees follow cash collection protocols
  5. Machine scheduled maintenance is up to date
  6. Employees report all instances of machine vandalism


  1. Location promotes the business abuse line and open door policy
  2. Location has regular discussions on loss prevention
  3. Location conducts criminal background checks on new employees
  4. Location has a written code of conduct issued to each employee
  5. Loss prevention policy is distributed to each employee on first day of employment


  1. Review current contracts with vendors and private operators
  2. Ensure penalty clauses for non-performance for vendors and private operators are executed
  3. Reconcile “free” spaces given out with company policy
  4. Ensure compliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulations
  5. Staff check for and handle abandoned vehicles according to company policy

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  1. Good list, but I would also suggest removal of bird nests, especially on/around neon signs and lights. I have heard of fires starting due to het / arcing from electronics etc. ALSO check expansion joints/cracks for voids that result in tripping hazards, especially bu those in high heels.

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