A marijuana dispensary compliance checklist ensures that your dispensaries have the right processes and systems in place to meet regulatory, community and health and safety standards.

With the legalization of Marijuana in Canada potentially creating a $23 billion business opportunity, retailers looking to join the legal cannabis market will face a myriad of regulations in Canada, as they did in Colorado. The Globe and Mail, reports on the compliance hurdles faced by marijuana retailers in Colorado.

One dispensary owner states, “The rules constitute 150 pages, with the local ordnance, checklists, and other pages. When you put it all together – medical, amendments, legislation and the associated rule-making – you’re looking at 500 or 600 pages of regulations that we had to comply with.”

Regulations vary between US states and Canadian provinces, so this guide is meant to assist you in building a larger checklist of critical areas to inspect in your locations.

Notes to Compliantia users:

  1. Checklists can easily be imported into your Compliantia account using the Excel™ upload method.  You may also add a point value, best practice photos and attachments (e.g PPE materials) to each item.
  2. Items that are not applicable can be marked “n/a” during the visit.  If so, they will not be counted towards the final score.


  1. Signage conforms to provincial / state law
  2. Legally required door and window displays are present and visible
  3. Location zoned for cannabis activity in accordance with provincial / state law
  4. No smoking of product is done inside or outside premise
  5. Receiving area is locked and secured when not in use
  6. Cameras are in working order


  1. Required signs are posted
  2. Any advertising or signage conforms to provincial / state law
  3. Retailer license clearly displayed
  4. Staff have a clear line of sight to all areas of the location to prevent use by minors and other prohibited individuals
  5. Adequate lighting within all areas of the store
  6. List of products and prices available
  7. Literature holders are well stocked
  8. All interior security cameras are working

Operating requirements

  1. All local permits up to date and accessible
  2. All provincial/ state permits are up to date and accessible
  3. Purchase limits set within provincial / state law
  4. Are you able to provide all required business documentation at any time?
  5. Is the commercial general liability insurance up to date?
  6. Description of screening and validation process for customers available


  1. Products are verified and dispensed according to regulatory standards
  2. Edibles are of a standard serving size as per provincial/ state restrictions
  3. Clear labeling of amount of THC listed on packages
  4. Child-resistant, opaque and resealable packaging
  5. Hazardous materials storage, handling and disposal plan in place


  1. Presence of a working alarmed security system that provides an auxiliary source of power and signals
  2. All employees have a unique alarm code
  3. Sensors for motion /breaking glass and/or vibration
  4. Doors are secured
  5. Retailer complies with provincial / state law to not sell product to:
    • Minors
    • Intoxicated individuals
  6. Product safely locked away
  7. Inventory adheres to provincial/ state limits
  8. Safe is secured to floor
  9. Safe is out of sight
  10. Employees have unique safe codes
  11. Safe codes are changed regularly
  12. Proper product rotation and storage maintained for quality


  1. Follow opening and closing protocols
  2. Have adequate product training
  3. Have had criminal background checks if necessary in the province/ state
  4. Are aware of current state/provincial laws and restrictions
  5. Offer a consultation to every customer
  6. Check ID for every customer to ensure legal age
  7. Know cannabis impairment in the workplace is not permitted
  8. Inform tourists who purchase cannabis of their rights and obligations, especially with respect to travel outside of state / province

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