Your Piecemeal Retail Audit Solution is a Mess!

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Many customers come to Compliant IA from a home-brewed retail audit piecemeal solution. This solution takes various forms but usually consists of Excel spreadsheets, free “surveys” and email.

Combining disparate band-aid solutions together creates a big mess that is disruptive, expensive, and entirely avoidable.

So how do you know your retail audit solution is a complete mess? We’ll tell you!

Mess: Using Excel and Email to Schedule and Collect Store Data

Using Excel and email is choking your operations and slowing you down.

It does not allow you to:

  • Schedule an audit and automatically notify stores.
  • Review past audits quickly using reports instead of searching through numerous paper or emailed data.
  • Automatically score.
  • Assign action plans and send automated task reminders. You are forced to chase after staff with emails, phone calls, and chat threads.

Mess: Using Free and Generic Survey Tools

Google Forms are great if all you want is to build forms and conduct simple flat surveys. However free survey tools have no workflow, no corrective actions, and no hierarchy. They are not made for multi-unit retailers and as such, bring very little value to the retail industry.

In fact, Google Forms can be detrimental to a retailer because they represent unfocused and out-of-context automation. If you manage multiple stores, don’t waste your time and money on Google Forms and instead use a smart checklist solution that is truly “made for retail.”

Mess: Using a Tool Made for Independent Auditors

Many customers come to us from iAuditor. iAuditor is a very worthwhile tool, for what it was designed to do. It was not designed to be intrinsically collaborative, hierarchy-aware and supported by strong customizable workflows for retail. Why? Because that is not how that company started nor is it how their product is overwhelmingly used today.

Again, in the context of retail, this represents automation out of context.  If you are going to automate (and you need to), automate the right way, the first time around. If you manage multiple stores, don’t waste your time and money on generic audit tools and use a “made for retail” smart checklist solution instead.

No More Mess…Get the Smart Checklist Platform Made for Retail

Compliant IA is the leading retail audit platform. It runs on smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Field managers and stores use the app to complete smart checklists at store-level, take photos, and assign tasks with automated reminders. Head office can ensure programs are deployed in time, in full,  everywhere.


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