Smart is the New Black

You have a smartphone, maybe a smartwatch. Smart appliances are everywhere and so are smart homes.

So why are you using a dumb checklist to visit your stores?

What is a dumb checklist?

A dumb checklist is usually a “home brewed” piecemeal solution. This solution takes various forms but usually consists of Excel spreadsheets, free “surveys” and email. Your dumb checklist is choking your operations and slowing you down.

It does not allow you to:

    • Schedule an audit and automatically notify stores.
    • Review past audits quickly using reports instead of searching through numerous paper or emailed data.
    • Automatically score.
    • Assign action plans and send automated task reminders. You are forced to chase after staff with emails, phone calls, and chat threads.

What is a smart checklist?

It has points, best-practice photos, supporting files, conditionals and action plan recommendations. It allows company standards to be checked, deficiencies tracked, assigned and resolved. It guarantees programs and policies are deployed in full, in time, in every store.

Smart is the new black. Use a smart checklist platform made for retail.

Compliant IA is the leading retail audit platform. It runs on smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Field managers and stores use the app to complete smart checklists at store-level, take photos, and assign tasks with automated reminders. Head office can ensure programs are deployed in time, in full,  everywhere.


One More Thing...

Winning brands execute their way to success. This is why Compliant IA makes site execution easy with checklists, tasks, action plans and corrective actions.
Execute your way to success. Start your FREE trial today.

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