Health and Safety Checklist

To assist multi-unit retailers starting or improving their retail audit program, Compliant IA regularly publishes how-to guides, best practices, and checklists.

Use this sample checklist to create or update your health and safety program across your retail locations.

Entrances and exits

  1. No cracks, damage or potholes in the parking lot area?
  2. No uneven or damaged sidewalks surrounding the location?
  3. Walkways are free of obstacles?
  4. Accessibility ramps and/or stairs are in good condition?
  5. All railing is safe, secure and sturdy?
  6. Is there adequate lighting around location exterior, with no burnt out bulbs?
  7. Safety mats are present for use during snowy/icy weather?
  8. Salt is on hand for snowy/icy weather?
  9. Does location have good condition Caution signs for wet floors/spills?
  10. All exits are clearly marked and free of obstacles?
  11. Fire exit signs visible, lit and in good condition?

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First aid

  1. First aid kit well stocked with no expired materials?
  2. Management and staff know the location of the first aid kit?
  3. Can staff identify where the first aid kit is found? Ask 3 team members.
  4. Are new staff trained in basic first aid procedure?
  5. Do staff know what to do if they are injured on the job?
  6. Does management know what to do if a staff member is injured on the job?

Fire safety

  1. Is there a functional fire/smoke detection system?
  2. Is there a fire extinguisher mounted in a designated area and unobstructed?
  3. Check and note the fire extinguisher expiry date
  4. Do staff know the location of the fire extinguisher? Ask 3 team members.
  5. Have staff been properly trained to use a fire extinguisher?
  6. Is there a sprinkler system?
  7. What was the date of the last sprinkler inspection?
  8. Is the fire plan regularly tested?
  9. Do staff know what to do in the event of a fire?
  10. When was the date of the last fire drill?
  11. Do staff know the emergency exit location and meeting place?
  12. Do the emergency exit doors swing out?

Sales floor

  1. Is the floor free of any slip or trip hazards?
  2. Walkways and aisles are kept clear?
  3. There is adequate interior lighting for work and customer interactions?
  4. Does location have backup power in the event of a power outage?
  5. Ladders or step stools for staff in good condition?
  6. Ladders or step stools properly put away when not in use by staff?
  7. Shelving is in good condition?
  8. There are no protruding or sharp corners that may cause injury?
  9. Do all electrical outlets have covers?

Back rooms

  1. Waste removal is done at regular intervals?
  2. Large commercial waste containers are easily and safely accessible?
  3. Backroom free from sharp edges/corners that may cause injury?
  4. Storage shelves are in good condition and not overloaded?
  5. Is the back door/loading area locked at all times?
  6. Is there a peephole or some means to see who is outside the door?
  7. Staff know and adhere to the procedure for opening back door/loading area?
  8. Cleaning equipment stored safely in a designated area?
  9. Up to date health and safety poster for province/state visible?
  10. Up to date workplace violence and harassment poster for province/state visible?
  11. Is the breakroom clean and free of clutter?
  12. Is the office clean and free of clutter?
  13. Is there a safe place for the storage of valuables?
  14. Is office furniture and equipment in good condition?
  15. Electrical and extension cords are not a trip hazard?
  16. Electrical and extension cords are in good condition?
  17. Do all electrical outlets have covers?
  18. Is the washroom clean and free of clutter?
  19. Is hand soap or hand sanitizer available?


More ways to improve your health and safety standards:

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