How to Quickly Communicate Policy Changes to Employees

Retail always moves fast, but with the outbreak of COVID-19, businesses need to adjust their operations and health and safety policies daily (sometimes hourly). Management has a responsibility to quickly communicate policy changes and best practices across their stores.

It’s crucial that employees who provide essential services are working with the most up to date information to keep themselves and customers safe. Here’s how a business can execute an update to policies and best practices across all locations.

Case Study: Policy and Procedure Updates

The World Health Organization, Center for Disease Control, or governing body issues a new health policy and/or sanitization procedure. Retailers must execute the update across different departments, across all locations, and different states.

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Informing employees about policy changes must be quick, documented, and (if posting policy or distributing supplies is necessary) verified with photos. Additional information such as when employees were notified, date/time of completion, and any additional steps must be tracked.

Email chains and/or paper checklists are not fast enough. Nor do they provide enough guarantees. The coordination of policy distribution and adoption must be completed and verified in real time across multiple locations, by various employees.


Using a Task Management solution specifically designed for retailers greatly increases the speed, accuracy, and effectiveness of new procedure deployment. Within the app, single, or multiple tasks can be created in less than a few minutes. Assign a due date and send the task to all affected stores. Tasks can be linked to ensure they are performed by the store in the order required.

Hand sanitizer task

Supporting documents such as handwashing guidelines, equipment manuals, and best practice photos can be attached. This way stores know exactly what needs to be done. Task recipients can then attach their own photos to provide proof of execution and policy implementation.

Utilizing a designated store tablet, laptop or even an employee’s own phone, store staff can access and complete the task, anytime, anywhere.

The task recipients can attach photos, leave notes, and mark the task as completed. The user, location, date and time are automatically tracked by the system. Head office users can easily reference this information to ensure stores are aware of the new policy and following recommended procedures.

Head office can see instantly who has completed the task and who hasn’t. They can also review notes, photos, and follow up on late or outstanding tasks, all in one place.

Handwashing poster task


Using a task management system to distribute health and safety policies and procedures helps retailers react quickly and ensure adoption.

Task management enables head office to respond to unexpected emergencies such as health crises and regulation changes. Whatever the purpose, tasks management allows head office to create tasks, assign them and see them through to completion.

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Compliant IA is a complete inspection and communication platform running on mobile, tablets, and laptops. It combines task management, social collaboration, smart checklists, action plans and photo verification to ensure programs are communicated and executed on time, in full, in all locations.

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