Retail Task Management – A Comprehensive Guide

Retail task management is the process of managing tasks to ensure in-store compliance and execution. This comprehensive guide to task management is for retailers and includes the main reasons stores fail to complete tasks and what you can do about it.

Employee Wellness Checklist (COVID-19)

As a precautionary measure, many foodservice and grocery retailers are using checklists and questionnaires to quickly ask employees about their health prior to starting their shifts. Using an Employee Wellness Checklist during COVID-19 demonstrates to employees that you are taking extra measures to ensure a safe work environment. It also lets customers know you are … Continue reading Employee Wellness Checklist (COVID-19)

CASE STUDY: How a Furniture Retailer is Keeping its Closed Stores Secure

In recent weeks, many retailers have had to quickly close stores in response to government recommendations and orders related to COVID-19. This means once busy plazas and shopping centers are now full of empty stores, often full of merchandise. In some areas, commercial break-ins are up by 45%. Here’s how one retailer is using Compliant … Continue reading CASE STUDY: How a Furniture Retailer is Keeping its Closed Stores Secure

Case Study: How a National Franchisor is Helping Franchisees During Covid-19

Covid-19 is possibly the greatest disruptor to retail many have ever seen. However, retailers have faced difficult times and disasters before. How do we get out of this mess? As the Harvard Business Review notes, the best response to a crisis is to start with the people. Reach out, empathise and collect information about your … Continue reading Case Study: How a National Franchisor is Helping Franchisees During Covid-19

5 Warehouse Inspections You Need to Conduct Regularly

Your warehouses and distribution centers are the heart of your supply chain and a key part in helping you meet your KPIs for growth and customer service. Here are five warehouse inspections you should conduct regularly to keep your employees safe, your customers happy, and your warehouse operations operating smoothly. 

Temporary Store Closing Checklist

COVID-19 is causing many retail stores to temporarily close their doors to the public. With the situation changing so quickly, it can be easy to overlook important details while you rush to respond. To help you make the closing process safe and orderly, here is a sample Temporary Store Closing Checklist to go through the … Continue reading Temporary Store Closing Checklist

Compliant IA Store Reopening Checklist

Store Reopening Checklist for Retailers

After a temporary closure, there is a lot to do to get your stores up and running and ready to welcome your customers back. Use this sample Store Reopening Checklist to make certain you don’t miss essential details. Employees Confirm employee health and readiness to return to work. Communicate reopening schedule as soon as possible … Continue reading Store Reopening Checklist for Retailers

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Checklist for Retail and Hospitality

Customer facing industries the world over are grappling with the effects of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Implementing a Coronavirus (COVID-19) Checklist helps front-line associates have up to date information about COVID-19 and follow proper procedures to prevent the spread of the disease. IMPORTANT NOTE TO READERS: This checklist was compiled by non-medical personnel, to the best … Continue reading Coronavirus (COVID-19) Checklist for Retail and Hospitality

5 IoT Trends Retailers are Capitalizing On

Put yourself into the shoes of your customer for a minute. You’re walking past a store selling books in the mall. Suddenly your phone pings you with a notification for a personal discount for the book you’ve been looking at on the shop’s website. Along with the discount, they even send you a map showing … Continue reading 5 IoT Trends Retailers are Capitalizing On