Smart is the New Black

You have a smartphone, maybe a smartwatch. Smart appliances are everywhere and so are smart homes. So why are you using a dumb checklist to visit your stores? What is a dumb checklist? A dumb checklist is usually a "home brewed" piecemeal solution. This solution takes various forms but usually consists of Excel spreadsheets, free … Continue reading Smart is the New Black

The Value Proposition of Smart Checklists

Your retail business is inherently complex. It has many moving parts and a multi-faceted cost structure. Cost of goods sold, labor costs, leasing fees, hydro costs...these costs are real and have a direct effect on a store's bottom line. Control your costs and if you sell a product for which there is demand in the … Continue reading The Value Proposition of Smart Checklists

Merchandising Checklist for 2019

To assist multi-unit retailers beginning a new audit or compliance program, Compliant IA regularly publishes how-to guides, best practice content, and advice from retail experts. Use this sample checklist as a guide to add to your own checklist, or jumpstart a new visual merchandising program for your locations. Store Exterior Is signage clearly visible to … Continue reading Merchandising Checklist for 2019

3 Ways to Save Money on Store Visits in 2019

Whether you are a district manager, regional, territory, sales or cluster manager, you regularly have to visit the stores you are responsible for. Here are three ways you and your organization can save money on collecting and actioning store visit data. Consolidate Visits From Multiple Departments The needs of the merchandising department, the operations department, … Continue reading 3 Ways to Save Money on Store Visits in 2019

smart checklist app

What is a Smart Checklist?

A smart checklist has points, best-practice pictures, supporting files, conditionals and action plan recommendations. It allows company standards to be checked, deficiencies tracked, assigned and resolved. It guarantees programs and policies are deployed in full, in time, in every store. A smart checklist is typically built online with a Form Builder or in Excel and … Continue reading What is a Smart Checklist?

Loss Prevention Checklist for Parking Operators

Loss prevention is a set of policies and procedures designed to minimize theft, fraud, vandalism and waste. Methodology: This checklist was compiled from publicly available sources and moderated using industry research and our experience with the retail and parking industries. Notes to Compliant IA users: Checklists can easily be imported into your Compliant IA account … Continue reading Loss Prevention Checklist for Parking Operators

Pharmacy Inspection Checklist

A checklist will help ensure that a pharmacy location has the right systems in place to comply with regulations as well as health and safety standards. Combined with the Pharmacy Inspection Checklist with the Merchandising Checklist and Loss Prevention Checklist to create a thorough pharmacy retail audit program. Some of the information below comes from the office … Continue reading Pharmacy Inspection Checklist

CPG Merchandising Checklist

Sharing best practices about store execution, store data collection and merchandising audits is the primary purpose of the Compliantia blog. To this end, we have covered the following: How to Build a CPG Merchandising Checklist The purpose, scope and methods of merchandising audits Conduct a merchandising audit in 10 steps Case Study: How a CPG used … Continue reading CPG Merchandising Checklist

Sexual Harassment Checklist

Developing a comprehensive sexual harassment policy is only the first step to preventing and stopping harassment in the workplace. For any sexual harassment policy to be effective, policy development must be followed by persistent training, review, and enforcement. To this end, we have prepared 5 tips for dealing with sexual harassment in retail. Make sure your … Continue reading Sexual Harassment Checklist

Lottery Retailer Checklist

Many gas stations, convenience stores, grocery stores, shopping mall kiosks and drug stores sell lottery products. However, selling lottery tickets and games carries certain legal and societal responsibilities. A lottery retailer checklist ensures that lottery tickets and games are merchandised and sold consistently with the lottery corporation’s standards and regulations. Regular visits and audits by the … Continue reading Lottery Retailer Checklist