Retail Audit Automation is a Profit Center

There are many questions worth asking when considering a new in-store program and process. How does it work? Who will use it, how often? How will it help the business, our stores and franchisees? Will it help the bottom line, drive sales, cut shrinkage or improve the customer experience? All these questions have one trait … Continue reading Retail Audit Automation is a Profit Center

Retail Audit Software: Buy vs. Build

When you ask a software vendor whether you should buy or build software, you generally expect a somewhat biased answer.  Let us put this (legitimate) concern aside for a minute and focus on what really matters.  The factors that need to drive your decision are your costs, your return on investment, your time-to-market and the … Continue reading Retail Audit Software: Buy vs. Build

Why Store Execution Matters

We often hear that retail is all about execution.  But what exactly is execution and why is it so important? Theory vs practice Albert Einstein once said “In theory, theory and practice are the same.  In practice, they are not.”  While he referred to science, this adage applies to many other fields, and indeed to … Continue reading Why Store Execution Matters

The Mighty Action Plan

What is an action plan? The action plan is an opportunity to apply corrective actions to problem areas.  It designates an individual responsible for rectifying each problem (anything deemed substandard or non-compliant by the district manager during the audit) and a target date for resolution.  By doing this, the action plan fosters ownership and accountability … Continue reading The Mighty Action Plan

Who Benefits from Retail Audits?

On this blog, we often argue that retail audits drive sales, increase customer satisfaction and mitigate risks in multi-unit retail.  But how exactly will retail audits benefit you?  Here are some of the benefits you might expect from retail audits, grouped by role. Head Office Lower total cost of ownership than Excel™ and paper-based visits. … Continue reading Who Benefits from Retail Audits?

How Much do Retail Audits Cost?

Not every retailer is aware there are highly efficient, largely automated systems for handling retail audits (also known as store visits and store walks) today.  Some organizations have devised their own process, typically a "checklist" of some sort, usually in Excel.  It is not very efficient but it does the job and appears to be … Continue reading How Much do Retail Audits Cost?

Do You Need Retail Audit Software?

Asking a retail audit software vendor whether you need retail audit software may be like asking a shoe salesman whether you really need shoes. And yet the answer may surprise you. If your retail chain is small, primarily corporate-owned and you don't serve or prepare food, you may not need the software at all. The economics of … Continue reading Do You Need Retail Audit Software?