Relief for 4 Pain Points in Retail Operations

Do you, the retailer, suffer from chronic pain? Organizational, operational and systemic pain? This pain hurts your sales, increases your costs and damages your brand. It hurts you financially, slows you down operationally, puts your business at risk. Do you need relief?  Read on. Pain point #1: Relying on “theory”. Theory is what head office … Continue reading Relief for 4 Pain Points in Retail Operations

10 Reasons Why Retailers Use Store Audit Software

We couldn’t think of one reason why retailers, particularly franchise-based retailers, use (or ought to use) store audit software, we thought of ten. 1. Your customers and employees’ health and safety When serving customers, compliance with standards and regulations is not simply a matter of building a positive customer experience; your customers and employees’ health … Continue reading 10 Reasons Why Retailers Use Store Audit Software

Choose a Retail Audit Software Vendor in 6 Steps

Informing customers and offering options is part of the Compliantia culture. This is why we've compared Excel and email to specialized retail audit software and discussed whether you should buy or build retail audit software. This is also why we compiled a list of retail audit software vendors! In this post, we discuss how to choose … Continue reading Choose a Retail Audit Software Vendor in 6 Steps

5 Questions for Every Retail Professional

1. How important is accurate and quick communication about standards, policies and programs to the success of our stores? 2. How important is knowing whether deficiencies have been fixed, where and when? 3. How much time do district managers spend aggregating and summarizing the data they collect in store (at the expense of helping the stores)? … Continue reading 5 Questions for Every Retail Professional

Prevention vs. Reaction

Prevention Prevention is the store manager servicing the equipment to avoid unplanned failure. It is the kitchen staff storing egg-based products in the refrigerator and frequently washing hands. It is the franchisee communicating customer service standards and proper greetings to new hires. Reaction Reaction is the store manager making an emergency call to the repair technician … Continue reading Prevention vs. Reaction

In-store Data Collection vs. Retail Audit

Type "mobile data collection" in your favorite search engine and you will find a large number of vendors in this category.   Unfortunately, data collection alone does not, and cannot, help retailers and consumer packaged goods companies.  Why? Data collection is a means to an end, not an end in itself.  Focusing on the means can … Continue reading In-store Data Collection vs. Retail Audit

Mobile-First does not mean Mobile-Only

Some retail audit apps only run on specific mobile devices.  They often run on iPhone™, iPad™ and Android™ but lack support for other mobile platforms such as Windows Phone™.  Some do not even support store PCs and district managers’ laptops running Microsoft Windows™ or Apple OS X™.  Why restrict options?  Isn't universal access and broad participation important … Continue reading Mobile-First does not mean Mobile-Only

Why your Store Checklist Needs to Work Online and Offline

Some retail audit and store execution apps only work online ("in real-time"). Others only work offline (the user synchronizes with a server at a chosen time). Both models have why chose one over the other?  Store execution and retail audit software must work online and offline, here is why: 1. A network or Wi-Fi signal … Continue reading Why your Store Checklist Needs to Work Online and Offline

Retail Audit Software Vendors

Here at Compliantia, there is nothing we care more about than the success of our customers.  Even the ones we haven't met yet. If you are in the market for retail audit software, you are probably shopping around, researching the category on search engines, and speaking with colleagues to get to know the vendors operating … Continue reading Retail Audit Software Vendors

Excel and Email vs. Specialized Software

Most customers come to a retail audit vendor like Compliantia with an existing retail audit “system” developed in house.  It usually involves Excel™, email, more follow-up emails and phone calls and a large investment in human sweat equity for compiling and summarizing the data.  Anyone who has ever experienced the pain of collecting, distributing and … Continue reading Excel and Email vs. Specialized Software