Mentorship in Retail

The retail climate is mercurial to say the least. You may already feel overworked as you are required to do more with less. All the focus is on delivering results to stay competitive. How can you get the edge? How can you get the team to deliver? Keep in mind that positive or negative business … Continue reading Mentorship in Retail

3 Industries that Slam Dunk March Madness

Retailers who consistently score a marketing slam dunk during March Madness do so because they know their customers. These brands have spent time understanding who their customers are, where they engage and address the specific wants and needs of their target audience. See below for three types of retailers who score big with their seasonal … Continue reading 3 Industries that Slam Dunk March Madness

The Age of Retail Enlightenment

Historians look back to the enlightenment as a period of time where Western European philosophy, arts, technology and indeed society took a giant leap forward. Scholastic titans and dogmatists disappeared while new thinkers and pragmatists emerged. A similar transformation is happening in retail, and indeed society. It is happening right now and will only grow … Continue reading The Age of Retail Enlightenment