Hotel Safety and Security Checklist

Use this sample Hotel Safety and Security Checklist to create or update your inspection program across your hotels.

Having the safety of a hotel property questioned can damage the brand and keep guests away. Below, a list of criteria for checking the safety of your hotel properties.

Methodology: This checklist was compiled from a number of sources and moderated using industry research and our experience with the hospitality industry.


1. Is there a professional security team on duty at the hotel 24/7?
2. The lighting around the outside of the hotel is adequate?
3. Is there a professional security manager?
4. Access to underground parking is controlled?
5. Does the hotel have an emergency plan that is tested regularly?
6. Is there CCTV coverage of public areas?
7. Does the hotel have emergency power capability?
8. Is the area of the hotel free of high risk facilities like embassies or key government buildings?
9. Are entrance doors other than the main entrance monitored to prevent unauthorized access?

Fire Safety

1. There is a fire/smoke detection system?
2. Is there a system for alerting hotel guests of a problem?
3. Are there fire extinguishers and/or hose reel systems? Are they clearly marked?
4. Is there a sprinkler system?
5. Are emergency exit doors equipped with panic hardware?
6. The emergency exit doors swing out?
7. Do the emergency exit stairs go directly to the outside of the building?
8. Is the fire plan regularly tested?
9. Has the hotel staff had basic fire safety training?


1. Is there a safety lock on the door that will unlock when the door handle is turned?
2. Are the rooms controlled by a card-key system?
3. Is there a peephole or some means to see who is outside the door?
4. Are the emergency fire exits clearly marked on each floor?
5. Is there a safe in the room for storage of valuables?

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