Retail Audit Calibration – Purpose and Best Practices

At the heart of any successful retail audit program lies a well thought-out, field-tested form.  A form is a collection of operating standards and best practices.  What goes on the form is a reflection of what matters to the brand at a given point in time (strategic initiatives, seasonal programs, etc…), what it is required … Continue reading Retail Audit Calibration – Purpose and Best Practices

Retail Audit Misconceptions

A survey by In-Store Implementation Network asked "How do you measure performance of in-store merchandising?" Twenty-eight percent of respondents "make assumption that the job got done" and 23% "do not measure in-store execution" at all.  And yet, the same research estimates that non-compliance costs the industry 1% of sales annually. While most retailers know of the … Continue reading Retail Audit Misconceptions