11 Tips to Be a Better Retail Store Manager

Retail store managers are playing an increasingly important role in the brick-and-mortar environment. As we’ve shifted from purely transactional spaces into in-person brand experiences, the role of the retail employee continues to change. It’s important to always look for ways to improve as a store manager. When it comes to pleasing your staff and your … Continue reading 11 Tips to Be a Better Retail Store Manager

6 Tips for Hiring a Retail District Manager

Any multi-store retailer would agree that having a competent district manager is critical to success. Tasked with overseeing the operations of all stores within a given district or area, a district manager needs to juggle several retail components, including staff development, compliance, sales, customer satisfaction, and more. Needless to say, the individual that you hire … Continue reading 6 Tips for Hiring a Retail District Manager

Great Sandwich. Lousy Washrooms.

  I have a bone to pick with some of my favorite QSR brands.  It’s not the menu.  It’s not the service.  It’s not the seating, the parking lot nor the drive-thru.  Quick service restaurants have obviously poured money, systems and processes in key areas and it shows.  But when nature calls, or when I … Continue reading Great Sandwich. Lousy Washrooms.

Killer Bees, Beer and Break-ins: The District Manager Diaries

Being a service provider to the retail industry, servicing primarily district managers and operations executives, we make it our business to know our users, understand how they work and what they go through everyday. Here is what we have learned: being a proficient district or regional manager is no easy feat, it requires multi-disciplinary skills and … Continue reading Killer Bees, Beer and Break-ins: The District Manager Diaries

Mystery Shopping vs. Retail Audit

District manager-led audits focus on the process A mystery shopping program and district manager audits ultimately address different needs and have vastly different outcomes. A district manager audit essentially amounts to “quality assurance”.   Using retail audit software, the district manager follows a compliance process that is regular and actionable.  The visit is meant to be educational … Continue reading Mystery Shopping vs. Retail Audit

The Cost of Merchandising Non-Compliance

It is often said that success in retail boils down to execution.  How well do retailers execute today and what is the cost of merchandising execution non-compliance? We had the opportunity to discuss the current state of in-store execution with James Tenser, Director at the In-Store Implementation Network.  Below are some of the key findings … Continue reading The Cost of Merchandising Non-Compliance

The Compliantia Workflow

Compliantia implements an end-to-end, closed-loop retail audit and store execution workflow.  This workflow allows the organization to find, address and follow-up on problem areas.  It works as follows: Step 1: Create forms/checklists at head-office. Build forms using our web-based Form Builder (forms may also be built in Excel and uploaded). Target specific stores, formats and/or users … Continue reading The Compliantia Workflow

Why You Need to Measure Compliance

Why should you measure compliance with the brand's service, merchandising and health & safety standards? 1. Measurement breeds compliance.  You can publish standards and train your staff but only when you measure compliance do you achieve it.   Just like students tend to pay more attention to the lecture when the teacher says "this will be on … Continue reading Why You Need to Measure Compliance