Who Benefits from Retail Audits?

On this blog, we often argue that retail audits drive sales, increase customer satisfaction and mitigate risks in multi-unit retail.  But how exactly will retail audits benefit you?  Here are some of the benefits you might expect from retail audits, grouped by role. Head Office Lower total cost of ownership than Excel™ and paper-based visits. … Continue reading Who Benefits from Retail Audits?

Do You Need Retail Audit Software?

Asking a retail audit software vendor whether you need retail audit software may be like asking a shoe salesman whether you really need shoes. And yet the answer may surprise you. If your retail chain is small, primarily corporate-owned and you don't serve or prepare food, you may not need the software at all. The economics of … Continue reading Do You Need Retail Audit Software?

The Cost of Merchandising Non-Compliance

It is often said that success in retail boils down to execution.  How well do retailers execute today and what is the cost of merchandising execution non-compliance? We had the opportunity to discuss the current state of in-store execution with James Tenser, Director at the In-Store Implementation Network.  Below are some of the key findings … Continue reading The Cost of Merchandising Non-Compliance

Why You Need to Measure Compliance

Why should you measure compliance with the brand's service, merchandising and health & safety standards? 1. Measurement breeds compliance.  You can publish standards and train your staff but only when you measure compliance do you achieve it.   Just like students tend to pay more attention to the lecture when the teacher says "this will be on … Continue reading Why You Need to Measure Compliance