The Truth About Mystery Shopping (It Doesn’t Work)

Compliantia sponsors and moderates two professional groups on LinkedIn (Field Audits and Store Walks and District Managers & Retail Operations). Having over 19,000 members in these two groups allows us to tap into a sizeable pool of experienced retail managers and executives. Recently, we asked an open-ended question: "Do mystery shopping programs work?"  We received 32 answers … Continue reading The Truth About Mystery Shopping (It Doesn’t Work)

Mystery Shopping vs. Retail Audit

District manager-led audits focus on the process A mystery shopping program and district manager audits ultimately address different needs and have vastly different outcomes. A district manager audit essentially amounts to “quality assurance”.   Using retail audit software, the district manager follows a compliance process that is regular and actionable.  The visit is meant to be educational … Continue reading Mystery Shopping vs. Retail Audit