Do You Need Experienced District Managers or Checklists?

So you want to check brand standards across your business, to all franchisees and locations. What do you do? Do you rely on your district managers, their experience and personal touch or do you deploy checklists for all to follow? Maybe the answer is not so black and white. Let's dive in. Checklists largely consist … Continue reading Do You Need Experienced District Managers or Checklists?

Who Benefits from Retail Audits?

Sure, retail audits drive sales, increase customer satisfaction and mitigate risks in multi-unit retail. But how exactly will retail audits benefit you?  Here are some of the benefits you might expect from retail audits. Head Office Lower total cost of ownership than Excel™ and paper-based visits.  Home-grown solutions are often lacking and needlessly expensive. Increase … Continue reading Who Benefits from Retail Audits?

Still Using Excel Checklists? (Ouch)

On the surface, Excel and (gasp!) paper, are easy targets. While society has largely gone paper-less, multi-unit operators now collect more data-points about their locations than ever before. The following scenario is not uncommon. An Excel, Word or PDF template is distributed and filled-out at store level. Is Excel the best tool to collect, action … Continue reading Still Using Excel Checklists? (Ouch)

Mystery Shopping vs. Retail Audit

District manager-led audits focus on the process A mystery shopping program and district manager audits ultimately address different needs and have vastly different outcomes. A district manager audit essentially amounts to “quality assurance”. Using retail audit software, the district manager follows a process that is regular and actionable. The visit is meant to be educational … Continue reading Mystery Shopping vs. Retail Audit

The Compliant IA Workflow

Compliant IA implements an end-to-end, closed-loop store execution workflow. It you want to validate brand standards or "make it happen" at store level, Compliant IA is for you. Let's dive in on key steps of of a common workflow for a retail organization. Step 1: Build checklist(s) at head-office Build forms using the system's web-based … Continue reading The Compliant IA Workflow

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6 Reasons to Measure Brand Standards

Most customer-facing franchise-based groups, especially in industries such as hospitality, food service and retail, publish and distribute brand standards to their franchisees and operators. Brand standards govern broad areas of the operations of a franchise, including customer service, product preparation, merchandising, cleanliness, human resources, security, loss prevention and fire prevention. Brand standards are what makes … Continue reading 6 Reasons to Measure Brand Standards

Misconceptions about Brand Standards

Let's be completely honest. Are your franchisees, stores and locations really on top of brand standards? A survey by the In-Store Implementation Network tried to measure an aspect of this question, in this case merchandising, and asked retail professionals how they measure performance of in-store merchandising. Twenty-eight percent of those surveyed responded that they "make … Continue reading Misconceptions about Brand Standards