3 Types of Audits Parking Lot Operators Should Conduct

Focusing on operational standards, safety, and customer experience isn't just for retailers. Too often parking operators neglect reviewing standards and best practices until there is a problem (e.g. broken gate, slip and fall, theft). By 2019, revenues from parking management are expected to increase to just over $9 billion! Building owners and managers can lose … Continue reading 3 Types of Audits Parking Lot Operators Should Conduct

Parking Lot Inspection Checklist

The parking industry is largely divided into two types: on-street parking and off-street parking. On-street parking is predominantly owned by municipalities while off-street parking is privately owned. Below, a list of criteria for auditing private parking lots for maintenance and security to ensure your customer has a positive experience. Some information on this checklist comes … Continue reading Parking Lot Inspection Checklist