Drive-Thru Checklist

You can pick-up dinner, grab a coffee, do your banking and, at least in Las Vegas...get married all at the drive-thru!  Customers value the convenience and speed of service of drive-thrus.  Below, a list of criteria for auditing drive-thrus and making sure your guests always have a positive experience. Methodology: This checklist was compiled from … Continue reading Drive-Thru Checklist

Washroom Inspection Checklist

For convenience stores and restaurants, having customers answer nature’s call is an often neglected yet important part of the customer experience. A visit to your store’s washrooms can determine whether a customer ever returns to this store and will build (or damage) your credibility and the customer’s perception about hygiene, and the health and safety … Continue reading Washroom Inspection Checklist

Great Sandwich. Lousy Washrooms.

I have a bone to pick with some of my favorite QSR brands.  It’s not the menu.  It’s not the service.  It’s not the seating, the parking lot nor the drive-thru.  Quick service restaurants have obviously poured money, systems and processes in key areas and it shows.  But when nature calls, or when I want … Continue reading Great Sandwich. Lousy Washrooms.

When Brand Ambassadors Hurt the Brand

At a recent focus group, a participant's comments really caught our attention. The participant, a professional woman in her late 30's, told us she stopped going to Brand "X" restaurants (we never disclose customer or brand names) because her local Brand "X" location was under new management and standards had gone down. From a brand … Continue reading When Brand Ambassadors Hurt the Brand

Why do Quick Service Restaurants Need Retail Audits?

A retail audit system helps multi-unit retailers achieve store-level compliance with operational, service and merchandising standards. We couldn't think of one reason why the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry needs retail audits, we thought of ten. 1. Health and safety When preparing and serving food, compliance with standards and regulations is not simply a matter of … Continue reading Why do Quick Service Restaurants Need Retail Audits?

Are you Still Doing Retail Audits on Paper?

Paper is arguably an easy target. We are still waiting for the paper-less office that was promised decades ago. In the last 20 years, technology has enabled an exponential growth in communications and with it, the amount of information that eventually gets printed. Realizing it's an easy target, we do not want to attack paper … Continue reading Are you Still Doing Retail Audits on Paper?

Mystery Shopping vs. Retail Audit

District manager-led audits focus on the process A mystery shopping program and district manager audits ultimately address different needs and have vastly different outcomes. A district manager audit essentially amounts to “quality assurance”.   Using retail audit software, the district manager follows a compliance process that is regular and actionable.  The visit is meant to be educational … Continue reading Mystery Shopping vs. Retail Audit