Drive-Thru Checklist

You can pick-up dinner, grab a coffee, do your banking and, at least in Las Vegas...get married all at the drive-thru!  Customers value the convenience and speed of service of drive-thrus.  Below, a list of criteria for auditing drive-thrus and making sure your guests always have a positive experience. Methodology: This checklist was compiled from … Continue reading Drive-Thru Checklist

Why do Quick Service Restaurants Need Retail Audits?

A retail audit system helps multi-unit retailers achieve store-level compliance with operational, service and merchandising standards. We couldn't think of one reason why the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry needs retail audits, we thought of ten. 1. Health and safety When preparing and serving food, compliance with standards and regulations is not simply a matter of … Continue reading Why do Quick Service Restaurants Need Retail Audits?