What is a Retail Audit?

A retail audit is a smart checklist. It is based on a form, has points, best-practice pictures, supporting files, conditional items, critical items and action plan recommendations. It allows standards to be checked, deficiencies tracked, assigned and resolved when district or sales managers visit stores. An audit allows head office to guarantee company standards, programs … Continue reading What is a Retail Audit?

Retail Audit Software: Should you Buy or Build?

Multi-unit retailers, consumer packaged goods manufacturers, and distributors are all struggling to accomplish more with less (fewer people, less budget, less time). Automation is widely considered the best way to make the most of limited resources, but how do you decide for yourself? We've compiled an updated guide to analyzing your buy vs. build dilemma. … Continue reading Retail Audit Software: Should you Buy or Build?

Retail Audits – The Definitive Guide

Who is this Guide for? This comprehensive guide to retail audits is for multi-unit retailers in industries like restaurants, convenience stores, pharmacies, spas and clinics, telecommunications, and alcohol retailers. This guide also helps parking operators and manufacturers or distributors of consumer packaged goods. If you need to collect or validate data in stores/geographic locations, this … Continue reading Retail Audits – The Definitive Guide

Loss Prevention Challenges in 2018

In retail today, every dollar counts. Shrink has a significant effect on a retailer’s bottom line. A recent study by the National Retail Federation (NRF) found an average shrink rate of 1.44%, costing "the overall U.S. retail economy $48.9 billion.” Below a list of 4 loss prevention challenges retailers are facing in 2018, and how … Continue reading Loss Prevention Challenges in 2018

Case study: How a Risk Management Firm Used Location Audit Software for Safety Audits

Customer Privately owned UK insurance broker and their risk management partner specializing in safety analysis and legal compliance in construction and engineering sectors. Problem The customer required the flexibility to create and update numerous specialized forms based on client needs, record non-compliant safety issues in real time, track resolution and easily identify safety trends for … Continue reading Case study: How a Risk Management Firm Used Location Audit Software for Safety Audits

Pharmacy Inspection Checklist

A checklist will help ensure that a pharmacy location has the right systems in place to comply with regulations as well as health and safety standards. Combined with the Pharmacy Inspection Checklist with the Merchandising Checklist and Loss Prevention Checklist to create a thorough pharmacy retail audit program. Some of the information below comes from the office … Continue reading Pharmacy Inspection Checklist

Checklist for Wireless Authorized Retailers

Checklists ensure that wireless authorized retailers merchandise and sell consistently with company standards and reseller contractual obligations. Regular audits help retailers and distributors be proactive and address issues before they become major problems. Audits also tend to cut costs and drive sales. Below, a list of criteria for auditing wireless authorized resellers. Notes to Compliantia … Continue reading Checklist for Wireless Authorized Retailers

Thankful, a Message from the Compliant IA CEO

On October 21, 2016, our engineering team deployed the 250th release of the Compliant IA software. Our first release was on August 18, 2009. This means Compliantia has, on average, deployed a release every 1.5 weeks for the last 7 years. Our product team does not "dream up" new features. What we do is actually … Continue reading Thankful, a Message from the Compliant IA CEO

Choose a Retail Audit Software Vendor in 6 Steps

Informing customers and offering options is part of the Compliantia culture. This is why we've compared Excel and email to specialized retail audit software and discussed whether you should buy or build retail audit software. This is also why we compiled a list of retail audit software vendors! In this post, we discuss how to choose … Continue reading Choose a Retail Audit Software Vendor in 6 Steps