Retail Audit Lexicon

Why a retail audit lexicon? Many industries and occupations have their own vocabulary to describe the various facets and nuances of their trade.  Retail audits are no exception.  Since we could not find a suitable lexicon for retail audit terms, we built one.  This lexicon is based on our interactions with retailers in North America, … Continue reading Retail Audit Lexicon

Managing Retail Audit Expectations & Dealing With a Low Score

Scoring a store's compliance with operational, merchandising and service standards can elicit emotionally-charged reactions.  Most operators/franchisees take pride in their work and can struggle with a disappointing audit  score and district manager guidance.  Was the district manager too harsh or unfair?  Is my store really lacking in certain areas as the audit's score, notes and action plan suggest?  It … Continue reading Managing Retail Audit Expectations & Dealing With a Low Score

People vs. Forms – Retail Performance Requires Both

Structured form data and the district manager's own experience and personal touch (aka heuristics) are sometimes presented as alternative methodologies for the purpose of retail audits.  Structured data consists of largely yes/no answers to mostly static questions on a form.  When a district manager fill-out a form that rates the store against the brand's standards and … Continue reading People vs. Forms – Retail Performance Requires Both

How to Build a Retail Audit Checklist

UPDATE AVAILABLE An updated version of this post is available at: We are often asked what should go on a retail audit checklist. Sometimes this question comes from a retailer starting their retail audit program from scratch. Other times, it comes from a retailer with an existing program, looking to curate or improve their … Continue reading How to Build a Retail Audit Checklist

What Is Retail Task Management?

Wikipedia defines Task Management as follows: "Task management is the process of managing a task (or task portfolio) through its life cycle, including planning, testing, tracking and reporting. Task management can help either individuals achieve goals, or groups of individuals collaborate and share knowledge for the accomplishment of collective goals." In layman's terms, task management allows … Continue reading What Is Retail Task Management?

Killer Bees, Beer and Break-ins: The District Manager Diaries

Being a service provider to the retail industry, servicing primarily district managers and operations executives, we make it our business to know our users, understand how they work and what they go through everyday. Here is what we have learned: being a proficient district or regional manager is no easy feat, it requires multi-disciplinary skills and … Continue reading Killer Bees, Beer and Break-ins: The District Manager Diaries

The Compliantia Workflow

Compliantia implements an end-to-end, closed-loop retail audit and store execution workflow.  This workflow allows the organization to find, address and follow-up on problem areas.  It works as follows: Step 1: Create forms/checklists at head-office. Build forms using our web-based Form Builder (forms may also be built in Excel and uploaded). Target specific stores, formats and/or users … Continue reading The Compliantia Workflow

Retail Audit Misconceptions

According to a survey conducted by the In-Store Implementation Network, when asked "How do you measure performance of in-store merchandising?", 28% of respondents "make assumption that the job got done" and 23% "do not measure in-store execution" at all.   And yet, the same research estimates that non-compliance costs the industry 1% of sales annually.  While … Continue reading Retail Audit Misconceptions