Lexicon for Retail Audits and Brand Standards

Why a lexicon? Many industries have their own vocabulary to describe the various facets and nuances of their trade. Retail audits (also called store walks or store inspections) are no exception. Since we could not find a suitable lexicon for retail audit terms, we built one. This lexicon is based on our interactions with retailers … Continue reading Lexicon for Retail Audits and Brand Standards

Dealing With a Low Score

Scoring a store's compliance with brand standards can elicit emotionally-charged reactions. Most operators/franchisees take pride in their work and can struggle with a disappointing visit score and district manager guidance. Was the district manager too harsh or unfair? Is my store really lacking in certain areas as the visit's score, notes and action plan suggest? … Continue reading Dealing With a Low Score

Do You Need Experienced District Managers or Checklists?

So you want to check brand standards across your business, to all franchisees and locations. What do you do? Do you rely on your district managers, their experience and personal touch or do you deploy checklists for all to follow? Maybe the answer is not so black and white. Let's dive in. Checklists largely consist … Continue reading Do You Need Experienced District Managers or Checklists?

The Compliant IA Workflow

Compliant IA implements an end-to-end, closed-loop store execution workflow. It you want to validate brand standards or "make it happen" at store level, Compliant IA is for you. Let's dive in on key steps of of a common workflow for a retail organization. Step 1: Build checklist(s) at head-office Build forms using the system's web-based … Continue reading The Compliant IA Workflow

Misconceptions about Brand Standards

Let's be completely honest. Are your franchisees, stores and locations really on top of brand standards? A survey by the In-Store Implementation Network sought to quantify a facet of this issue, specifically merchandising, and asked retail professionals how they measure performance of in-store merchandising. Twenty-eight percent of those surveyed responded that they "make the assumption … Continue reading Misconceptions about Brand Standards