3 Types of Audits Every Retailer Should Conduct

Conducting store audits should be on the to-do list of every retailer, and for good reason — retail audits help you uphold company standards, improve operations, and promote a safe in-store experience. But what exactly are the types of audits you should conduct and how often should you do them? More importantly, how can you … Continue reading 3 Types of Audits Every Retailer Should Conduct

Merchandising Checklist

Sharing best practices with store execution, store data collection and merchandising audits is the primary purpose of the Compliantia blog. To this end, we have covered the following: How to build a store merchandising checklist The purpose, scope and methods of merchandising audits Conduct a merchandising audit in 10 steps Case Study: How a CPG used Field Software to … Continue reading Merchandising Checklist

7 Store Data Collection Scenarios

Let us look at several scenarios involving the collection and dissemination of store-based data. 1. Merchandising and service standards. A district manager visits her franchisees and uses her tablet or smartphone to run a quarterly audit on each store’s compliance with merchandising and service standards. 2. Work order forms. A store manager fills out a work … Continue reading 7 Store Data Collection Scenarios