5 Tips for Dealing with Unsuccessful Retail Programs

It happens even to the best brands. You conceptualize and execute a retail campaign to get your product into customers’ shopping carts, only to see lackluster results. The campaign, to put it bluntly, flopped. It’s a frustrating position to be in, but how you handle and respond to program flops can help you learn and … Continue reading 5 Tips for Dealing with Unsuccessful Retail Programs

5 Consumer Trends for Brands (and How to Keep Up)

The CPG landscape is more competitive than ever. The shopping habits of consumers have changed dramatically over the last few years, and brands who fail to keep up risk losing marketshare to more innovative and forward-thinking companies. Don’t let this happen to you. Ensure that your brand stays relevant by keeping an eye on the … Continue reading 5 Consumer Trends for Brands (and How to Keep Up)

“Old School” Retail Sayings

Out with the old, in the new?  Not so fast!  "Old school" sayings often convey a tried-and-true wisdom that holds true now, as it did then.  Besides, as retail professionals, we tend to use them to reinforce the core and timeless values of our industry.  Recently, David Johnson, a member of our moderated group on LinkedIn District Managers and … Continue reading “Old School” Retail Sayings

10 Operational Failures That Hurt a Retailer’s Image and Sales

On this blog, we focus on retail best-practices and store execution. Our mission is to help retailers execute better as well as identify and correct issues that cause loss of goodwill and loss of revenue. A top 10 list of retail failures is relevant to the scope of our blog and our audience and we … Continue reading 10 Operational Failures That Hurt a Retailer’s Image and Sales

Why Store Execution Matters

We often hear that retail is all about execution.  But what exactly is execution and why is it so important? Theory vs practice Albert Einstein once said “In theory, theory and practice are the same.  In practice, they are not.”  While he referred to science, this adage applies to many other fields, and indeed to … Continue reading Why Store Execution Matters

Connecting Retail Operations Professionals

The social media landscape is a powerful enabler for personal and professional advancement. It is however heavily fragmented. There are many networks and platforms to choose from. There is also a fair bit of “noise” in online communities: over-the-top self-promotion, irrelevant content and spam.  Where can a retail professional network with peers and find relevant, … Continue reading Connecting Retail Operations Professionals

Who Benefits from Retail Audits?

On this blog, we often argue that retail audits drive sales, increase customer satisfaction and mitigate risks in multi-unit retail.  But how exactly will retail audits benefit you?  Here are some of the benefits you might expect from retail audits, grouped by role. Head Office Lower total cost of ownership than Excel™ and paper-based visits. … Continue reading Who Benefits from Retail Audits?