“Old School” Retail Sayings

Out with the old, in the new?  Not so fast!  "Old school" sayings often convey a tried-and-true wisdom that holds true now, as it did then.  Besides, as retail professionals, we tend to use them to reinforce the core and timeless values of our industry.  Recently, David Johnson, a member of our moderated group on LinkedIn District Managers and … Continue reading “Old School” Retail Sayings

Are you Still Doing Retail Audits on Paper?

Paper is arguably an easy target. We are still waiting for the paper-less office that was promised decades ago. In the last 20 years, technology has enabled an exponential growth in communications and with it, the amount of information that eventually gets printed. Realizing it's an easy target, we do not want to attack paper … Continue reading Are you Still Doing Retail Audits on Paper?

Usability and Retail Systems

Usability and retail are two words that far too rarely end up in the same sentence.  Don't get me wrong, there are other, initially more important considerations for a business system.  Does it meet business and functional requirements? Is is maintainable and cost-effective?  But given the business requirements can met in a cost-effective manner, usability does indeed matter. A … Continue reading Usability and Retail Systems