smart checklist app

What is a Smart Checklist?

A smart checklist has points, best-practice pictures, supporting files, conditionals and action plan recommendations. It allows company standards to be checked, deficiencies tracked, assigned and resolved. It guarantees programs and policies are deployed in full, in time, in every store. A smart checklist is typically built online with a Form Builder or in Excel and … Continue reading What is a Smart Checklist?

Why your Store Checklist Needs to Work Online and Offline

Some retail audit and store execution apps only work online ("in real-time"). Others only work offline (the user synchronizes with a server at a chosen time). Both models have why chose one over the other?  Store execution and retail audit software must work online and offline, here is why: 1. A network or Wi-Fi signal … Continue reading Why your Store Checklist Needs to Work Online and Offline

Retail Audit Lexicon

Why a retail audit lexicon? Many industries and occupations have their own vocabulary to describe the various facets and nuances of their trade. Retail audits (also called store walks or store inspections) are no exception. Since we could not find a suitable lexicon for retail audit terms, we built one. This lexicon is based on … Continue reading Retail Audit Lexicon