Retail Audit Lexicon

Why a retail audit lexicon? Many industries and occupations have their own vocabulary to describe the various facets and nuances of their trade. Retail audits (also called store walks or store inspections) are no exception. Since we could not find a suitable lexicon for retail audit terms, we built one. This lexicon is based on … Continue reading Retail Audit Lexicon

Managing Retail Audit Expectations & Dealing With a Low Score

Scoring a store's compliance with operational, merchandising and service standards can elicit emotionally-charged reactions.  Most operators/franchisees take pride in their work and can struggle with a disappointing audit  score and district manager guidance.  Was the district manager too harsh or unfair?  Is my store really lacking in certain areas as the audit's score, notes and action plan suggest?  It … Continue reading Managing Retail Audit Expectations & Dealing With a Low Score

The Mighty Action Plan

What is an action plan? The action plan is an opportunity to apply corrective actions to problem areas.  It designates an individual responsible for rectifying each problem (anything deemed substandard or non-compliant by the district manager during the audit) and a target date for resolution.  By doing this, the action plan fosters ownership and accountability … Continue reading The Mighty Action Plan